Evangelical Spiritual Directors Network (ESDN) was started in the spring of 2005 in response to a sense that it would be important to create a community of spiritual directors who are evangelical Christians.  ESDN began as a small group in a conference room at Free Christian Church in Andover, MA.  The meeting was comprised of men and women whose experience and background in the art of spiritual direction were varied.

As the ministry began to grow within evangelical churches, ESDN focused on meeting the needs for community, support and encouragement among evangelical spiritual directors.  This group has gathered quarterly for prayer and discussion, told their stories, and offered workshops and retreats.  Over the years, they have listened to God and to one another as they have worked to discern the community’s purposes and goals.

ESDN continues to grow as it receives new members each year.  There is a palpable sense of excitement as more people become enfolded into the group and their hearts, journeys, and hopes for the ministry are shared.  The result is an emerging resource to its members, place of connection and support, and a directory for those interested in exploring spiritual direction.